The idea of starting a journal to track my investment has surfaced a few times over the past one or two years.  While I did one or two write up on two companies that I held, I have not actually put in conscious effort to consistently and systematically monitor my investment.  While I have put in effort to read on the business before investment, I still succumb to my instinct when purchasing or selling my holdings.

I was prompted to start this investment journal when I was having a discussion with a friend.  I found that I was not clear in my investment goals and strategies.  I was not able to inform, convince and put across my points clearly.  Hence, the discussion does not really benefit either of us.
Hence, I decided to put in a more conscious effort to reflect on what I have learned over the past few years and note down the positives and negatives of my buy, sell decisions.  I realize that this is important if I am to do well in investment and use it as a tool to realize my goal of being financially independent in the long term.
The followings are the objectives in this investment journal:
1)       Brief recap on my investment journey over the past 6 years.
2)       Define my goal for investment.
3)       Define my investment strategies.
4)       Write up on the companies that I currently hold
5)       Writing of important insights that I gained from the books/articles that I read.