Oops, this is 6 months overdue.

Last September, I reviewed my target and strategy and it is followed by reviewing of my holdings in my portfolio. There were quite a bit of churning as I re-build my portfolio to fit my new strategy. I thought it was more or less settled by December but in the first half of the year there were still quite a bit of changes. This only shows that I was still quite hazy on my buy decisions. Something which I would need to work on. More on this in the next post.
Back to last year performance. My portfolio did not escape the drop that the general market suffered. There was a 9.6% decrease in portfolio value over the year. Slightly better than the benchmark of SPDR STI ETF which dropped by 11.9%. I am glad it performed much better over a 10-year period.

The drop pushes  me to take a hard look at my portfolio. It provides an impetus for me to have a clearer idea what are the businesses that I want to hold. As you will read in my next post, I am churning quite a bit recently. Hopefully, this will stabilise soon and I will have a few core stocks that I will hold for long term.

At the end of the year, I was optimistic that 2016 performance will be better.