After 2 years of lacklustre performance, I am happy to announce that my portfolio returned 23.7% (including dividend) for the first half of this year. This is definitely better than STI ETF, which reported an annualised 0.51% return over the past 6 months.

The good return is largely attributed to the amazing performance of Best World International Limited (BWL). If I have excluded the gain from BWL, the gain would be approximately 6%. Not fantastic but I think it is better than STI ETF.

As of 30 June 2016, top 5 holdings of my portfolio in terms of capital outlay are
Parkway Life Reit
Starhill Global Reit
Straco Corportation Limited
Best World International Limited
Singapore Technologies Engineering Limited

I decided to start tracking on average how long I held on to the stock since I first purchased it.
And on average, it’s only 0.9 years! Well, this is so as I did a major review last year. The two counters that I held for a longer time are Starhill Global (since Jan 2012) and Food Empire (since Mar 2014). I am confident that with the review last year, the holding period of the companies will be longer.

BWL requested a trading halt yesterday, pending an announcement. Cautiously optimistic that it will be a positive announcement and if so, that should further boost its share performance.  I will write more about BWL in my next post. Besides BWL, the rest of the companies should produce stable performance for the rest of the year. Looking forward to dividends from PLReit, SGReit, BWL, STEngr, VICOM, CRCT, CDLHT, Valuetronics, FCT and SGX in the second half of the year.