For the past two months, I have made the following adjustments:
1. Added my holdings to Capital Retail China Trust, Fraser Centrepoint Trust and SIA Engineering. All these are to increase the dividend payout received from them. 
2. I divested Vicom due to uncertainty in its short term business outlook.
3. I divested SGX due to lack of affinity to it.
4. I have initiated a position Micro-Mechanics as I see a constant stream of dividend from them.
Also, base on better understanding of how I view the individual stock, I have re-classified Straco under Dividend category and Food Empire under Punt category.

With all these adjustments, the “For Income” category has ballooned to 67.3%, beyond my initial plan on 60%. It does make me think and I am still thinking on my initial figure.

My current dividend yield (based on purchase price) is 4.9%.

For Income (67.3%)

REIT (34.3%)
Parkway Life REIT
Starhill Global REIT
Capital Retail China Trust
Fraser Centrepoint Trust

Dividend Stocks (33.0%)
ST Engineering

SIA Engineering

For Growth and Punting (30.5%)

Growth Stocks (25.3%)
Best World
Raffles Medical

Punt (5.2%)
Food Empire