I first wrote about Starhill Global REIT here and my reasons to purchase its shares remain the same.

Why buy?
I bought Starhill Global then mainly for its yield and my perceived good properties in Orchard Road. No regret so far as its dividend has gone up over the years though it is getting flattish

What I expect?

I think the REIT would provide stable distribution for next 2 to 3 years. The possible up side might come from asset enhancement of its Australia properties.

When will I sell?

I would like to hold on to this REIT for as long as possible as I am getting about 7.7% yield based on my purchase price. Sell will only comes in if there is major negative changes in its fundamentals.

Recent results
2016 distributions increased be 1.4% with a flat 4Q. Full contribution from Myer Centre but drop in contributions in Japan and China. Fortunately, China only takes up about 2% of its portfolio.

No impetus to buy or sell. Hold and continue to receive the dividends