The following adjustments are made to my portfolio in October. 

1. Added a small stake of Old Chang Kee for its dividend and possible growth in 2 to 3 years with the completion of its new factories.

2. Added a small stake of FJ Benjamin for a turnaround story. The group is placed on SGX watchlist for 3 consecutive years of pre-tax loss. It has completed its re-structuring that started in 2013/2014. Recently clinches distributor right of CASIO watch in Indonesia and Marc Jacobs. 

3. Re-entered CDLHT which I sold at $1.495 in July. Feels that the current price of $1.335 provides a good yield during the current downturn and believes it will do well when the increase in hotel rooms stabilize after 2018.

4. Increased my stake in ISOTeam after reading throught its latest AR. Confident of its contiued growth in the next few years. Also, reclassifed it from punt to growth.

5. Divested my holdings Capital Retail China Trust to reduce my exposure to REIT which I would capped now at around 30% instead of the original plan of 40%.

6. Divested SIA Engineering due to poor Q2 results and no special dividend declared from its divestment of HAESL.

Current dividend yield (based on purchase price) is 4.4%.

For Income (60.9%)

REIT (31.2%)
Parkway Life REIT
Starhill Global REIT
Fraser Centrepoint Trust
CDL Hospitality REIT

Dividend Stocks (29.8%)
ST Engineering

Old Chang Kee

For Growth and Punting (34.2%)

Growth Stocks (30.6%)
Best World
Raffles Medical
ISO Team

Punt (3.6%)
Food Empire
FJ Benjamin