November is a month of punting. Lots of trading with small purchases based on others’ reviews and a short read-up on latest results and last year AR.

The purchases are:

1. Dairy Farm – One of the recommendations by MF Singapore. I don’t always buy their recommendations. The other 2 stocks that I have bought due to their recommendation are SGX and RMG. Still holding on to RMG but have divested SGX. Dairy Farm was recommended somewhere in August but I only bought this month as I realized that all 3 analysts have a stake in it and hence I am more convinced of their recommendation. Classifying under punt due to the nature I bought it but probably would go under growth category if their investment in Yonghui and IKEA franchise in HK, Taiwan and Indonesia continue to perform.

2. ISEC – International Specialist Eye Centre. Read about its 3Q results in MF Singapore free site and its jump in earning caught my attention. Further reading tells me that it just IPO in 2014 and earning has not been consistent after listing. Decided to take a small stake as I think it has a potential to grow; it is increasing its dividend; and a high number of employees are holding its shares.

3. Thai Beverage – This was a miss then. I was looking at it when it was going at 20 plus cents and the rest is history when it acquired F&N. I finally took a small stake in it after its price has drifted down from a high of $1.06 to $0.90. Its latest results is good but due to the acquisition and change of financial year, it is confusing to me. In any case, this is another company which has potential for further growth. Will start to follow it more closely in the coming year.

4. 800 Super  – Another stock which I missed the run up. Came into my radar when it is at 40 plus cents but its huge debt put me off. Thanks to a value buddy who posted on the company’s development of its Waste to Energy plant and with its completion next year, the debt does not seem as scary as before if the new plant can generate a new stream of revenue and profit for them. Just took a small stake as an impetus to monitor how this development will plan out.

5. LHN – Get to know this business from another fellow investor. Just IPO in 2014 and latest results has improved quite a bit from 2015. Took a small bite and will sell in growth is not sustainable.

Other trades in Novemeber.
6. Added to RMG after reading through the past decade’s annual reports and am convinced of its potential growth after the completion of its Hospital extension next year.
7. Added to Food Empire after an improvement of its latest results and purchase by its CEO.
8. Divested Old Chang Kee after making a gain of about 3 years dividend. Will continue to monitor its performance and might re-entered at a good price.

9. Divested FJ Benjamin after continued poor performance for 1Q and its price gained by about 30%.

10. Took a small stake in SingTel for a dividend yield of 4.6%.

Current dividend yield (based on purchase price) is 3.9% after putting in the cash withdrawn earlier this year.

For Income (52.2%)

REIT (27.8%)
Parkway Life REIT
Starhill Global REIT
Fraser Centrepoint Trust
CDL Hospitality REIT

Dividend Stocks (24.3%)
ST Engineering


For Growth, Turnaround and Punting (39.9%)

Growth Stocks (26.8%)
Best World
Raffles Medical
ISO Team

Turnaround (4.6%)
Food Empire

Punt (8.5%)
Dairy Farm
Thai Beverage
800 Super