It has been a busy past 6 weeks. Things are finally looking to settle a bit and it’s time to continue to keep in touch with my thinking and reflection on my investment.

It has been a good start to the year for the market and my portfolio also benefitted from it. Year to date, it has returned 12.8%. Woohoo, I hit my target in less than two months. So would I achieve another 40% return this year? I hope so but you never know. Who knows? The market might just turn south any time. So continue to monitor the company’s performance and invest/divest at the right time for the long term.

I have divested the following for the first one and a half month to increase my cash buffer and to reduce my REIT exposure.

  • Best World: Partial sold as it has rose more than 50% within a month. It continue to be in my top 5 stocks holding.
  • Thai Beverages: Among the few counters that I punted, I am just more excited about the rest.
  • Raffles Medical Group: Partial sold to reduce my exposure. Remain my top stock in terms of initial capital outlay.
  • CDLHT: To reduce my REIT exposure to within 30%.
  • Starhill Global: To reduce my exposure to retail reit. And currently I favour neighbourhood reit more.
I have added the following positions.
  • Valuetronics: Increased my stake slightly for its dividend.
  • UMS: Bought a small stake after reading its plan to divest its customer base and attracted by its consistent dividend.
  • Micro-mechanics: Increased my stake after it announced its good improvement in its latest quarter. Attractive dividend and potential of further growth.
  • Dutech: Took a very small stake after reading Thumbtack Investor’s detailed analysis
  • Sing Medical: Took a very small stake as I perceived that the new management will continue to improve the group’s performance
  • Fraser Logistics and Industrial Trust: Took a very small stake after reading about it on The Edge and Dividend Warrior’s analysis.
After the above actions, my top 5 holdings in terms of initial capital outlay are:
  1. RMG @ average price of $1.48
  2. Plife Reit @ average price of $2.32
  3. Straco @ average price of $0.84
  4. BWL @ average price of $0.60
  5. FCT @ average price of $2.01