A few more days to the end of the month and took a few more actions after the release of various results over the past 2 weeks.

I have divested the following:

  • Sing Medical: Punted on it in January due a dip in its price (@$ 0.45) and thinking that the new management is doing a good job in turning around the company. It has since risen by 32% and I decide to take profit (@,$0.595) since my understanding of the company is pretty limited. 
  • UMS: Took a look at its 3rd quarter report and wasn’t quite impressed by it. While it has given out good dividend for many years, my lack of knowledge of it makes me divest it again. This time round  I am lucky, I manage to sell it off @ $0.675 when my purchase price was $0.65.
I have added the following positions.
  • Valuetronics: Further increased my stake due to its excellent Q3 results. I expect the good results to continue for Q4 and it should be able to maintain its 20HK cents dividend and there might be a special dividend in celebration of its 25th Anniversary.
  • SingTel: Added for its good performance and possible special dividend for its upcomign Netlink Trust IPO.
After the above actions, dividend yield of portfolio stands at 4.1%. My top 8 holdings in terms of initial capital outlay are:
  1. Raffles Medical @ $1.48
  2. Parkwaylife Reit @ $2.32
  3. Straco @ $0.84
  4. Best World @ $0.60
  5. Valuetronics @ $0.56
  6. Fraser Centrepoint Trust @ $2.01
  7. SingTel @ $3.82
  8. Mirco-mechanics @ $0.91