Taken 4 actions in the past month.

1. Sold SPH @ 3.48 due to continued declining business and reduced dividend. Do not turnaround will be any time soon. Loss in trading cost.

2. Sold 800 Super @ 1.26 as intention of original purchase last December was for dividend. The price as jumped up by 36% this year and gain covers 10 years of dividend. So decided to let it go as still a bit uncomfortable with its debt.

3. Added more ISEC @ 0.305 after reading its AR and think that it will do well this year due to its acquisition of JL Medical Group last year. Average purchased price of 0.31.

4. Added more Food Empire @ 0.58 after attending AGM. While business is in a competitive field, I am confident of the management. As what the CEO has commended during AGM, “Food Empire today is different from the Food Empire 5 years ago”.