My actions for the month of May.

1. Added more Food Empire @ 0.535. Felt gutted that it dropped to 0.535 not long after my last purchase at 0.58. Decided to take the opportunity for me to accumulate further.

2. Sold Isoteam @ 0.37. Decided to let it go after its lacklustre 1Q performance and my indifference towards learning more about its business. Made a small gain of 4.9%.

3. Bought Jumbo @ 0.655. Was quite surprised for its more than 10% NPM. Decided to take a small position to punt on its success in its overseas expansion.

4. Bought Kingsmen Creatives @ 0.61. Have been waiting to re-invest in this familiar counter. Bought it rather impulsively after reading various discussion on it. Think that this could be the turnaround year and am satisfied with current dividend yield of 4%.