Lots of action this month as I made my maiden purchase of US stocks. The new adventure inadvertently changes my investing view. Suddenly, I have access to so many solid companies to purchase that my interest in some of the local companies decreases. Will talk more about this in another post.

Going once…going twice…gone
1. Sold Jumbo at 0.63. Bought at 0.655 for a punt of its expansion in China but decided to drop it as I am unsure if it will be successful given that I have little knowledge on it. Also, with its growth story hit a snag in the last quarter, I think I should be more careful with this counter since it is at a PE of more than 25x. Made a small loss of 3.9%.

2. Divested 75% of Best World at 1.37. Click here for reason for divestment. Since then, I have divested the remaining at 1.545.

3. Sold Duty Free International at 0.315. Originally purchased for its large cash flow and was hoping for good dividend. Did not turn out as expected, so decided to sell even though company is buying back shares. Took a loss of 11%.

4. Sold Keong Hong at 0.49. My first foray in a construction firm. Interesting company but still can’t quite grasp its business cycle. Made a profit of 7.7%.

Shopping spree….
With the cash from the various divestment, I have bought into these counters.

1. Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust at 1.085. Primarily for its yield of 6.8% and also increasing distribution since it was listed. For some reasons, I have mistaken that Festival Walk is around Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of Stars. So I thought the foot traffic must be very good. In any case, just a small stake and will see how it will do with its 3 properties in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

2. OUE Hospitality Trust at 0.755. I last purchased and sold OUEHT at 0.900 in 2014. Thanks to dividend received, made a 3.1% profit. Decided to take a small stake again primarily due to its dividend yield and gut feel that it should continue to do well with the opening of T4.

3. Food Empire at 0.665. Continue to increase my take in the company as I am confident of a good Q2 results.

4. Starbucks at USD at USD 58.50. My maiden purchase Singapore. Click here for why I buy.

5. Chipotle at USD at USD 340. Affected by e-coli virus 2015 and company is re-building its reputation. 20171Q showed a glimpse of recovery but unfortunately recently affected by another isolated case of norovirus and mice infestation in another outlet. This caused the price to drop and provided me an opportunity to buy a very small stake as I believe that long term it should recover.

6. Tractor Supply at USD 51.80. Price dropped due to a poor 1Q. Felt that it was oversold and picked up a tiny stake.

7. Mastercard at USD 128.80. Stable brand and believe in its long term growth.