Lots of action this month. Divested a few counters but bought quite a bit with the $$$ from divestment of Best World.

Out of Favour
Divested Kingsmen Creatives at the same price I bought. This is the turnaround story that is not working out yet. It reported a poor Q2 and I decided to wait for a clearer picture before re-entering again.

Divested half my stake in ISEC at 0.315. Tiny profit. Still an interesting outfit but its growth isn’t exciting enough for it to occupy the middle of my portfolio. Hence decided to hold less and watch how the story unfolds.

Sold Capital Mall Trust at 2.10. It has risen more than 10% from my purchased price. Covered 2 years of dividend. Will recycle cash to other counters that offer higher dividend yield. Might re-enter when it offers a better yield.

Sold Mircro-mechanics at 1.41. Bought purely for its track record for dividend but its price has gone up to 7 years of dividend due to its good performance. Decided to divest it as its dividend yield dropped below 5%. Surprised me with a second rise of dividend this year and with a 8 cents dividend, yield gone up to 5.6%. On hind side, should have continued to hold on to it but actually felt pretty neutral about it. Probably am satisfied with the above expectation return from the counter.

Up the Dividend
Bought a lot more counters especially REIT to increase my annual dividend. Also, I like their outlook from next year onward.

Added Fraser Centrepoint Trust at 2.07. With the AEI of North Point completing this year, next year DPU should increase. Assuming a 12 cents DPU next year, it will translate to 5.8% yield and potential upside if DPU is even higher. Possible catalyst could be acquisition of Punggol Waterway Point.

Added Starhill Global Reit at 0.76. While Orchard office occupancy could still pose a problem, AEI at Plaze Arcade in Australia is expected to be completed in 20181Q. China property would have a more stable distribution with the completion of renovation by 20174Q. Expecting a minimal 4.8 cents DPU next year. This translates to a 6.3% yield.

Bought CDL Hospitality Trust at 1.575. I have bought and sold CDLHT a couple of times for the past 4 years. Win some, lose some and overall still negative. Betting on the improvement of its hotels in the next two years. Assuming a 10 cents DPU, dividend yield is approximately 6.3%.

Bought Mapletree Commercial Trust at 1.55. A retail and office reit which I have missed for the longest time. Its DPU has been increasing since its listing. Estimating a 9 cents DPU which will give a 5.8% yield.

Bought VICOM at 5.81 (cd) and 5.65 (xd). A subdue Q2 results but with immediate effect it is paying out at least 90% of its earning as dividend. It gives more certainty that the company can maintain its dividend for the next two to three years even when revenue dropped due to increasing de-registration of cars. From 2020/21 onwards, it should see an increase in its revenue and income again with more vehicles requiring checking.

Buying into the Sell-down
Quite a number of counters were sold down for the past month, for good or questionable reasons. The sell-down provided me an opportunity to buy some shares of the counter which I think could do well in the future.

Bought Dairy Farm at USD7.45. The company has announced a decent Q2 recently and turnaround seems to gathering speed with good progress in China. The price was beaten down by 2% to 3% in one of the trading day and I deem it as an opportunity to add some.

Bought InnoTek at 0.34. The stock is beaten down because it reported a poor Q2. However, 1H is still an improvement. While the remaining year might remain a challenge, effort has been put in by management to turn the company around. Initiated the position with the belief that the turnaround will come in 2018 or 2019.

Bought mm2 Asia at 0.475. The price has dropped sharply after its GV deal did not get through. Nevertheless, it reported a good 1Q results and I decided to take a punt on it.

Bought HKLand at USD 7.46. Read about its cheap P/B and good results. Hence, decided to take a stake when its price has dropped by about 5% from its recent high.

Bought UMS at 0.995. The price has dropped sharply after guidance of moderate performance in 2H. Nimble a bit as I believe it will maintain its dividend which is a tasty 6%.

Bought 800 Super at 1.12. The price has dropped after a poor Q3. The price weakened further just before it announced its full year results. Took the opportunity to re-enter the counter which I have divested at 1.26 in April.

Bought Singapore O&G at 0.44. The price has dropped sharply after its weak Q2 results. Took a punt on it as company is still profitable and should get better results moving forward.

US Market 
Most of my purchase decision for the US markets come from the recommendation of MF subscription services. Unlike my local counters, I did not do as much homework on them. While I think that the valuations of the counters are high, I like their future stories hence my stake in them. All my purchases are small and will slowly wait for opportunity to accumulate more shares in the future. 

Bought Vail Resort at USD210.51. Luxury ski resorts operator. It has been growing through acquisition and opportunities to grow is still available. Its plan to keep its resort busy all-year round is working out well with Epic Discovery activities coming on more than one location.

Bought Cognex at USD105. Machine-Vision systems are used all around the world. Growth expected to continue. 

Bought Priceline at USD1870. Good Q2 results but market is spooked by its lower Q3 guidance. Taking this opportunity to have one bite on it.

Bought Intuitive Surgical at USD935. Intuitive Surgical have been growing for many years and its recurring income has increased. Decided to buy 2 shares to participate in its growth even though it has a high PE of 44x.