Unlike the past 3 months, I have taken relatively less actions in October.

1. Added more iFAST as I felt excited and confident of its future growth after reading through the past annual reports. See previous post on my thoughts about the company. It now occupies 5.4% of my portfolio with my average price at $0.935.

2. Added more Hock Lian Seng after learning more about the company through the past annual reports. With a strong order book and balance sheet, feel confident that it can maintain its 2.5 cents of dividend. That gives me a yield of 5.5% with my average price of $0.454.

3. Added more Frasers Centrepoint Trust after its stellar Q4 performance and price dipped to $2.17 from the recent high of $2.2+. Expect DPU and NAV to continue to grow next year now that AEI of Northpoint is almost completed. Assuming that DPU comes in at 12.2 c, it will provide a yield of 5.6% at $2.17. My average price is now $2.06 which is only slightly above its current NAV of $2.02.

4. Bought ULTA Beauty at USD196.85. Felt that it was way oversold from its recent high of USD300 in June, especially when it is growing at 20% to 25% for this financial year. Its current PE of 25-27 is much lower than its past 5 years average of 38.

5. Bought 800 Super at $1.21. After a closer look at its business, decided that there is still room for growth in the next few years especially with the Waste-to-Energy (WTE) coming into operation at the end of this year.

6. Sold CDLHT at $1.63, making a small gain of 2.7%. DPU after rights is lower and the outlook of the hospitality sector probably need another year or two for greater clarity. So decided to sell and use the proceed for other counters.

7. Sold OUEHT at $0.805, making a gain of 5.8%. Similar reason on hospitality sector. Decided not to wait for quarterly results in the coming week as I have made a small gain and am unsure how the DPU will be affected as there will be no more income support.