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This month, I sold a few counters to raise cash for more compelling ideas. I have also increased my stakes in a few of my US counters.
(figure in bracket represents the % the counter is occupying my portfolio based on cost)


1. Divested ISEC completely at $0.315  even though it has reported a good set of numbers in the latest quarter. Still find this an interesting outfit but decided to temporarily say goodbye to it as I wanted to buy other counters.

2. Sold Hock Lian Seng (2.0%) at $0.47 for a gain of 7.6%. This reduced my stake in the company and it now only occupies only 2% of my portfolio. Continue to believe in its ability to sustain its dividend based on the cash that it has and its strong order book. However, I relatively like my new positions.


1. Re-entered Capital Mall Trust (2.3%) at $2.02 after attending a sharing by Deputy CEO of Capital Mall Asia, Wilson Tan. Basically, he opined that retail mall is here to stay and Capital Mall will continue to be a powerhouse a decade later. With the purchase of CMT, I now own a slew of retail REITs but each for a different reason.

SG Reit – my longest holding for its focus on mall in prime area and its overseas exposure.
FCT – for its focus on sub-urban malls with most of them near MRT stations.
CMT – for not resting on its laurels and continues to take actions to be at the fore-front of retail mall.

2. Added more UMS (4.1%) at $1.05 after it announced a good set of Q3 results. Optimistic about its upcoming performance for the next few quarters and confident that it will at least maintain its dividend. Added more at $1.08 on 29 Nov. It now occupies 5.4% of my portfolio.

3. Added Intuitive Surgical (1.1%) @388.85 as I forgot to update my spreadsheet for its stock split! Luckily, bought only 4 shares to round up my total shares to 10. Let’s hope it can continue with its splendid growth, then the mistake can become a blessing in disguise.

4. Added Vail Resorts (0.7%)  @235.77 as it continues to report good growth from its acquisition. While management guided that 2018 growth might be slower due to the strong growth this year, long term prospect should remain good.

5. Re-entered Priceline (1.0%) @1655.75. I had sold earlier in September at 1840.6, making a loss of 5.1%. Since then the group announces a solid Q3 results which beats its own guidance. However, the market bashed it down due to another muted Q4 guidance. Seeing that Priceline always beats its own estimate, I decided to re-enter Priceline at a better price.