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It’s the last month of 2017. And these are what I have bought and sold.
Unless there are exceptional gain or bargain, I will not be taking any more actions for the rest of the month.

(%) represents % of my portfolio by cost.


InnoTek at $0.38 with a gain of 11%.
Bought it as a punt on its turnaround. The price kept dropping until recently it made its way up. Decided that 11% is a good gain for a counter that I am not too familiar. And I can use the money to buy other counters.


Thai Beverage at $0.955 (1.1%)
I bought this last December but sold within a month and made a loss of about $200.  I would have made a gain if I have kept my original purchase. Could not remember why I sold it but probably I decided to use the money for other counters.  The reason I am getting back into this counter is I agree with the story that its results will be better next year with the end of mourning period of Thai King. Its acquisition of KFC is another interesting story. Will it turn out well? I do hope so but I will need to spend some time to read up on its past reports and convince myself.

Shopify at USD 98.50 (0.5%)
I was tempted to nibble on this when there was a 10% drop after release of Citron report and reading the counter report from Motley Fools but for some reasons I did not. So when I saw the price tumbling on 4 December by about 5%, I decided to take a small stake in this interesting business idea. This purchase is more experimental as I had not bought into a business that does not report profit yet. Will see how this unfolds and am mentally prepare to lose money in this counter.

Walt Disney at USD 105.83 (1.0%)
At PE of 19x, I reckon that I am paying a fair price for such a strong brand. Yes, this year’s result isn’t fantastic due to weakness in its cable network. However, from what I gathered, the team is working on it and will be launching direct to consumer services in the next two years. The crowd at Shanghai Disney which just opened this year shows the strength in its brand. Studio segment should also see a better performance next year. So while 2017 is a blip, 2018 onwards should see a return in growth.

Bought after re-balancing asset allocation

After a check on asset allocation in the middle of month, I was 34% cash and 66% stock. As such I have injected 4% cash to my stock portfolio. The following are purchases made after the injection of cash.

ST Engineering at $3.21 (2.8%)
In a nutshell, counter has corrected by about 17%, hence I find the yield sufficiently attractive for me to buy some of it. You can read about this purchase here.

Q&M Dental at $0.61 (1.3%)
Alerted to it due to ThumbTackInvestor post in Investing Note. Took a fast glance at the AR and latest report. Decided that it is worth a punt.

Nordic at $0.555 (1.2%)
This is another punt. The counter has more than doubled this year and it has just gained more than 20% after its Q3 results. Buying into this based on its track record and more importantly the leadership and management seems strong and hence should be able to grow the group further in the coming years.

Mapletree Commercial Trust at $1.62 (1.1%)
Added more of MCT as I am satisfied with the 5.5% yield at current price. Average price of holding increases to $1.58.