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It has been a volatile month that saw substantial drop in the market at the beginning of the month. However, it recovered some ground after Chinese New Year. Took the opportunity to buy some counters and sold off a few.


Food Empire
As mentioned in the earlier post, I have divested my remaining stake at $0.64 for a 38% gain. While I still like the company, I felt that it might come under some selling pressure when it announced its full year results with a loss confirmed in Q4. Again, I could be totally wrong about this but since i felt unease, I decided to go with my feeling.

Thai Beverage
Sold at $0.86 after it announced a large drop in Q1 results due to acquisition and lower expected demand for beer after the King’s mourning period. Took a loss of about 11% on this trade. Entered the trade for a punt of its recovery of its beer business before it announced its acquisition plan. Since that is not working out yet and it will take some time before it break even from its acquisition, I decided to part with it temporarily.


Straits Trading Company
Took a small stake at $2.33 after reading a Straits Times article on it, its latest annual report and its past dividend record. The company has been giving out dividend at 2% yield for the past 10 years. Nothing to shout about but if we include the few special dividends after the company divested its investment, then it is quite substantial.

Of course, this might not continue to be the case in future but I am hopeful that it will turn out well after reading this statement from the CEO in last year’s annual report.
“will continue to work towards a sustainable dividend policy, as our businesses begin to generate stable income streams.”

Finally, since 2017 is their 130th Anniversary, they might yet make a decision to reward the shareholders with a higher dividend.

Bought more at $3.37, which bring my average price to $3.66. Originally bought it for its dividend and continues to think that it will at least sustain it even though Q1 saw a drop of its net profit.

Bought more at $0.99 as I continue to believe in the sustainability of its 6 cents dividend as it should continue to do well for Q4 and the next few quarters. I also like that the company is diversifying its business and hope that will bear fruits in a few years time.

Bought more at $0.89 after it reported a strong Q4 results and increase in its dividend. While China continues to be a drag, the company has guided a similar loss for 2018 and improvement in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia markets. A higher dividend is also expected for 2018.

Raffles Medical Group
Continue to average down with purchase at $1.11. Things are moving in the correct direction. With the recent opening of Hospital Extension, opening of RafflesHospital Chongqing at end of this year and opening of RafflesHospital next year second half, it looks like exciting time in a year or two.

Bought before results announcement at $0.59 after reading through its Q3 results. Think management is capable and should be able to hit their 20% internal growth target for the next few years.

Have seen the name of company a few times on NextInsight but have not take a look at it before until today. A very small company with only 40 mil of revenue but past few years give out good dividend. Decided to take a small stake at $0.53.
First purchase using IFAST FSM platform at USD 47.43. While it has been loss making, its revenue growth is tremendous with strong cash flow. The equivalent of Amazon in China looks set to continue its growth. Hence, I decided to take a small stake.