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“it felt like I have more or less completed setting up my portfolio for the year
– From March Buy and Sell Actions

That’s just one month ago and I already felt betrayed by my feeling. Many trades for the past month but it continued with the theme of consolidation. Three main reasons behind the trades.

  1. To increase the position size of my core holdings to high 60%.
  2. To made some changes in REIT allocation after the latest report season.
  3. To focus on punt positions on two counters which I found more interesting.

And I would say the actions will continue next month and maybe into early June especially after reloading with May dividend.

Raised cash from the selling of Avi-Tech @$0.50 (-6.9%), Singtel @$3.40 (-7.3%), Nordic @$0.54 (-7.8%), Hock Lian Seng @$0.46 (-3.8%) and Starhill Global REIT @$0.71 (+1.4%). With these cash, I bought into the following.

Core Holdings

Food Empire
“solidify our position. fortify our presence. amplify our strategy”
The theme from this year’s annual report rightfully pointed out where the company is at the moment and how it prepares to go forward.  Resonated with me, so added more at $0.665, bringing my average price to $0.67.

Added more at $0.90, bringing my average price to $0.92. I continue to believe its growth story for both short and long terms. Purchase was justified by the its 2018 Q1 results, released on 28 April. YOY net revenue and net profit increased by 28.7% and 52.6% respectively! Purchased more at $0.91 today.

Added at $0.80, bring my average price to $0.58. You can read this post for what has happened.


Frasers Logistic Trust
On the day FLT announced that they are acquiring Europe properties, I added more at $1.08, brining my average price to $1.06. I believe that the management would be able to enhance the asset and bring in more DPU in the longer term.  Will definitely subscribe to the rights when announced.

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust
Held for just two months last year and sold at $1.15 for a 4.9% profit. I like its latest acquisition of Japanese Offices that resulted in greater diversification and increases its DPU. So decided to re-enter at $1.16. And with this purchase, I now hold all the four REITS from the Mapletree family.


Added more JEP at $0.068, bringing my average price to $0.072. A punt that it’s a turnaround place and am confident that Andy can bring it to the next level.

IFS Capital
Bought at $0.265, IFS Capital is another punt on a turnaround play. The new CEO have taken some actions over the past few years and the company turned profitable last year. Hopefully, he can continue his influence and improve the net profit further this year.

Brief Update on Portfolio Performance

Last quarter, I was tied with STI ETF and was confident of overtaking it in this quarter due to the upcoming dividend. But I am off to a poor start this quarter and portfolio has  dipped into the red by 2.6% for the year, while STI ETF has continue its run to 6.8%! Meaning I am behind STI ETF by a whooping 9.4%!

Looks like it is going to be a tough year for me. 加油!