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Yes, finally I have a month with minimal action. Was tracking back through the months and for the first time in 2 years (since I re-started my blog), I did not sell any counter!

I might not have bought anything too since I ran out of cash last month. However, as my portfolio continued to linger below 5% in early July, I decided to activate my first 30% of my opportunity fund and added the following counters.

  • Raffles Medical at $1.00, bringing my average price to $1.28. Key opportunity and risk continues to be its expansion into the China market. It has recently announced that its insurance branch is offering a new shield plan known as Raffles Shield. It is the 7th player to enter the industry. I do not think it will have a large impact but feel that it is a positive step.
  • UMS at $0.80, bringing my average price to $0.93. I continue to believe that it can sustain its $0.06 dividend even thought it might face some short term challenges.
  • VICOM at $6.09, bringing my average price to $5.87. With a dividend policy of 90% payout and a likely upturn in the number of vehicles inspection in the next few years, it should be able to sustain its dividend.
  • Hong Kong Land at US$7.15, bringing my average price to US$7.31. Current P/B value is below its 5-year average. And if it continues to grow its book, the price should follow. Current dividend of US$0.20 provides me a yield of 2.7%. Will collect the dividend as I wait patiently for its value to be appreciated.Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 7.39.17 PM

On a separate note, I used my remaining cash in FSMOne account to add at US$38.87, which brings my average price to US$43.55. I still think that the company has tremendous potential based on how it has grown in revenue over the past few years. And hopefully it can soon bring in some consistent earning to fuel its growth further.