It’s the start of another season of EPL. This year I am much more excited this as Liverpool has beefed up its team further pre-season with Alisson, Fabinho, Keita and Shaqira. Combined that with Salah, Firmino, Mane, Van Dijk, Robertson, Wijnaldum, rejuvenated Sturridge and others, it’s definitely a season to look out for!

This leads me to think if I am to build my football team of stocks, how would it look like at the current moment and would it provide me some new insights?

Before we start, I have only 9 core stocks (>= 5% of portfolio) so I would use one of the non-core stocks that is near the fringe.

Formation: 1-4-3-3

GK: Cash
This is my safe haven. Nothing much to do during good time; provides the cushion against losses; deployed occasionally during crisis.

LB/RB: UMS and Valuetronics
Both have good records of steady and increasing dividend. They also have the abilities to go forward and score some goals. But at times they fail to cover back and put the team in precarious situations.

CB – Plife and FCT
Steady and stable REITs that have provided consistent and increasing dividend. They are my best defenders which can score the occasional goals.

Midfielders – VICOM, Straco, HK Land (fringe)
Not the most exciting midfield I would say and VICOM is probably more suitable as a defender. Straco and HK Land have the potential of amazing performance but they need time.  Looks like this is an area that I need to beef up.

Forwards – iFAST, Food Empire, Raffles Medical
Only iFAST is firing in all cylinders recently. Food Empire is returning to form but is injury prone. Raffles Medical is going through long term training that will bring him to the next level. He might be more suitable for a midfield position in the future.

Who are on the bench?
FLT, MINT, MNACT, MLT, MCT. Very defensive looking.

Verdict – 6.5/10
Looks like the current team is pretty strong in defence but lacks some creative sparks in the middle and not as clinical at the front. Maybe it’s time to be a bit more adventurous, re-allocate the money and bring in some foreign attacking players to the first eleven.