Crystal BallIt is hard not to feel emotional in a turbulence market. Even after so many years in the market, my amygdala continues to serve its function with each correction or crash. As mentioned in an earlier post on time frame, I am not going to resist my monkey mind but with the awareness, my frontal lobe can take a firmer stand to not succumb to my emotion. Hence I decided to re-visit my reason for investment for each stock and do a projection of how the business will do 3 years later.

Of course, the longer the time frame, the fizzier the vision is. So I would like to highlight that the following paragraphs are based solely on my wishful thinking and might not happen. It is definitely not a recommendation to buy or sell.

3 years from now…going into the year 2022…

RafflesHospital Extension, RafflesHospital Chongqing, RafflesHospital Shanghai are all fully operational and contribute significantly to Raffles Medical top and bottom lines. With the success execution of RafflesHospital Chongqing and Shanghai, it is looking into building more Hospitals in China. Share price would reflect its new outlook and each share should be at least $3.

Breakeven in IFast China business and continued growth in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia business. The group looks to list IFast Greater China entities on the HK market. Share price would be at least $2.

With the completion of its second ingredient plant in India in 2020 and its continued expansion to IndoChina and hopefully a new country, Russia and neighbouring region now contributes less than 50% of Food Empire‘s revenue. Share price would be at least $1.5.

Continued demand in IOT and a larger scope of work from existing automotive clients, Valuetronics continue to raise its dividend to HK$0.36 (about SG$0.063). At a dividend yield of 5%, share price would be at $1.2.

Successful turning around JEP and increasing demand for chips from 2021 contributes to revenue and net profit growth of UMS. With a 8 cents dividend, share price trades at $1.6 for a dividend yield of 5%

Up cycle for vehicle inspection as more vehicles are more than 3 years old. New regulation from LTA that requires hire-purchase vehicles to be checked twice yearly. VICOM declares dividend of $0.40. At a yield of 6%, share trades at $6.6.

Retail malls are not dead and Punggol Waterway Point is infused into Frasers Centrepoint Trust. 14 years of continual increase in declared dividend at $0.14. Share price at $2.5 for a yield of 5.5%.

Parkwaylife REIT continues to recycle its Japan properties while obtaining favourable rental revision for Gleneagles Hospital. Continue to increase its dividend to $0.14 and share price trades at $2.8 for a 5% yield.