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It has been a busy month at work and am glad that it was, as it took my mind off from the happening in the market. The indices corrected two weeks ago and as time of writing, STI ETF is 6.4% down for the year (including dividend) as compared to just 0.6% down at end of September. Both my cash and CPF portfolios were not spared and are 8.7% and 8.1% down respectively.

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I did not sell any counter during this period and was looking forward to make use of my next 30% of opportunity fund. However, since my portfolio has not gone below 10% yet, I will just have to hold the horses.

It will be an eventful week ahead with all my 6 REITs (Parkwaylife, FCT, Mapletree family), iFAST and RMG announcing their quarterly results.