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Cash portfolio

Yeah, nothing sold for this month! It’s a good sign as it shows that I am comfortable with my holdings even though a few of them are already 30% down for the year.

Nothing bought for this month too. Primarily because I only have 3 digits in my portfolio’s cash account. Also, portfolio’s value has not dropped beyond 10% (getting close!) for the year to trigger the next 30% of opportunity fund.

Dividend will be coming in soon and if the market continues to trend downwards, I will probably have a few transactions in the next two months.

On the CPF side

I have sold the remaining 10% of First Reit. You can read why I sold my 90% last month here. This is my first time selling odd lots and there is a difference of about 5% in the price ($1.13 vs $1.19). I don’t mind it since it’s only a small portion of the total transacted amount.

After the board recalculated the amount available for investing, I used part of it to

  • start a position of Parkwaylife REIT @ $2.65. This provides a yield of about 4.8%.
  • add more VICOM at $6.07 and $5.99. This brings my average price to $6.07. Assuming 100% payout of $0.30, that would give a yield of about 4.9%. If company continues pay last year’s dividend of $0.36, the yield would be boosted to 5.9%.

Left with about 18k to deploy for stocks. Will probably add more Plife and VICOM at the appropriate juncture.