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I am glad that I have zero sell action for the this final month. The fourth time for the year and all occured in the second half of this year.

What did I buy?

On the local front

I continue to accumulate Kingsmen Creatives, bringing my average price to $0.52 and it now occupies 3% of my portfolio. I have briefly written why I bought it in my last month’s Buy & Sell Action post and that has not changed. Will probably leave it at this level for the moment.

The other counter that I have added is ISEC. Re-entered in September due to its improved results and yet cheaper price. The price has dropped further in the past two months. Not sure about the reason behind the drop. It might be due to a weaker Q3 results but could be other reasons. In any case, my average price has dropped to $0.27 and it now occupies about 2% of my portfolio. A dividend yield of about 4.3% at my average price is not the most tantalising for a small cap. However, I reckon that the possibility of their continual growth and hence higher dividend for the next few years is worth a punt.

In US Market

I added more Ulta Beauty at US$255 after its share price plummeted by about 20% after it announced a strong Q3 results but provided a slightly weaker Q4 guidance than expected. I think it is an over-reaction by the marker and hence added a few more shares, bringing my average price to US$236 and it now occupies 2.5% of my portfolio.

I finally bought Apple at US$169. The price has dropped after it announced its Q4 results. Investors were spooked by the decision on not disclosing its future iPhone numbers and Apple’s suppliers guidance of lower order provided another punch.

Alerted by Apple’s growth in its recurring service segment and possibility health segment through Apple Watch, I decided to start a small position (1.2% of portfolio) for this giant, believing that its other segments beyond iPhone will continue to propel the company forward.