It has been a busy month at work and finally I have some time and energy to write the first post for 2019.

It has been a rather uneventful month in terms of actions taken. No buy and sell thus far and it should remain so for the month. With dividend from REITs coming in from February only, I suspect that it will be the same for next month, unless the market continues its positive run. Upon which I might reduce my stake in certain counters to restore cash level to 30% of my net current asset.

A good start to the year

The market has a good run this month and my portfolio has made some gain too, thanks to the strong performance in REITs and overseas counters. At the time of this writing, cash portfolio is up by 5.4%. It does feel good to see a positive month after the many negative months last year. Of course it’s still early in the year and god knows what will happen for the remaining of this year. Anyway, I will just control what I can do, which is keeping to my strategies.

Trialing a new structure to track portfolio

As mentioned in my 2018 review part 3, I will be setting a new direction at the end of the year and putting in place a new structure to track my portfolio. This is necessary as I started to invest in US and HK counters from last year, and I will be a decade from 55 come 2020.

So with the above in mind, I started a new spreadsheet to do my tracking. It’s still work in progress for individual counter’s data but I am now able to track how each segment of my portfolio is doing. I have also decide to exclude STI ETF from the portfolio even thought I bought it using CPF. It is quite likely that I will liquidate my STI ETF once I reached 55 and re-allocate the money to other counters. The image below show how the various segments performed thus far for the year.

screenshot 2019-01-26 at 10.01.24 pm

*HK portfolio consists of only Tencent

As seen from the above, my US portfolio has a very strong start this year, followed by SG (Cash) portfolio. My SG (CPF) portfolio which only consists of Vicom, OCBC and Metro have been pretty dead but that’s expected especially for Vicom and Metro. The return from these two counters will come from their dividend.

I like what I am seeing as it gives me clarity on the performance of each segment. Going forward, I would probably include the position size which will provide more meaning to how each segment contributed to the overall performance.

Well, that’s it for the moment. Coming up will be a brief quarterly report of my REIT counters. So far I am happy with their (FCT, Mapletree family) strong performance and  am looking forward to strong numbers from Parkwaylife on this coming Monday.