Last year, activated about 40% of opportunity fund to buy various counters in July (Raffles Medical Group, UMS, VICOM, Hong Kong Land) and December (Booking Holdings and Apple). Due to various reasons, sold UMS, VICOM and Hong Kong Land in October and November and used the cash to load up on REITs.

With the run-up of REITs this year, I decided to sell the following stakes bought during last November.

MCT@1.82 for a 10.5% gain
MINT@2.01 for a 7.1% gain
MLT@1.39 for a 13.4% gain
MNACT@1.25 for a 11.1% gain
Plife@2.82 for a 8.3% gain

Opportunity fund reloaded and am now back to 30% cash position.