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Sometimes having too much time can be a hazard. A slightly more peaceful period at work brings more changes to my portfolio. Tweaking my portfolio again which I think would be fine without it. Anyway, here goes.

Local Scene

Pared down IFAST at $1.11 to register a gain of 20%. Reminding holding still occupies 7.7% of my portfolio. Divested my final portion of UMS completely at $0.785 and made a loss of 17% for this portion (The bulk was divested at $0.6+ last November). The counter has run up by more than 30% this year with no much known change, so I decided to take this opportunity to divest and redeploy the fund to other dividend counters. The following are the counters that are bought.

  • Capitaland Retail China Trust (new average price – $1.50),
  • Far East Hospitality Trust (new average price – $0.663),
  • ISEC (new average price – $0.283), and
  • Straco (new average price – $0.815)

HK/US Scene

Pare down one third of my Tencent holding at HK$369.40, registering a loss of 4.8%. Sold to raise cash for purchase of Tracker Fund 2800 at HK$29.80. Decided that I have my hand full with US stocks and will just buy an ETF for Hong Kong market.

Yes it would be much nicer if I had bought 2800 last year and enjoyed the run this year. But then I would need to sell Tencent then and I would incur a larger loss. So makes no difference in terms of timing.

Using some of the cash from the sales of IFAST, I did cosmetic adjustment to the following US counters.

  • Starbucks (new average price – US$58.84)
  • Apple (new average price – US$168.55)
  • Visa (new average price – US$143.80)
  • Texas Roadhouse (new average price – US$60.06)

This month feels a lot like what happened in the past two years – too much action! Hopefully, the rest of the year will be more like January and February.