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Re-investing Dividend

With the dividend collected in May, I decided to add on to these counters.

  • Hong Leong Finance at $2.60, bringing my average price to $2.69. HLF is likely to continue to pay out dividend. Based on average dividend of 11 cents over the past 5 years, that would give me a yield of 4.1% at my average price. Of course if it can maintains its 15 cents dividend last year, then the yield would go up to 5.6%.
  • Keppel DC Reit at $1.57, bringing my average price to $1.53. Late to this counter which I just initiated a position in April this year. Decided to add a bit more and at current DPU, I will be getting a 5% yield on my average price.
  • Singapore O&G at $0.365, bringing my average price to $0.389. No change to the initial reason when I first bought the counter in April this year.
  • Vicom at $6.70, bringing my average price to $6.14. I was waiting for my CPFIS fund to increase a bit more this month so that I can get another 800 shares, instead of just buying 700 shares last month. Irrational decision that probably costs me $0.15 more per share. Lesson learned? Nope, I will probably make the same decision as I have accepted that part of me is irrational and that can come out useful at times.

Injecting of cash for FCT placement shares

Decided to take up FCT placement shares at $2.35 and also applied for some excess. I am quite happy to be allocated all the 2000 shares that I have applied for. This purchase brings my average price to $2.10 and it now takes up the largest position (by cost) in my portfolio at 7.7%.

This is probably it for the month unless there are some mouth watering offers from the market next week.