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Decided to sell Tracker 2800 to raise cash for US market. Took a loss of 8.4%. Cash proceeding from this and from the sales in the last few days of July are allocated to the following counters.

Income counters

As written in my report of the REITs’ last quarter performance, I wanted to add on to Mapletree Commercial Trust, Mapletree Industrial Trust and Keppel DC Trust. The drop in market on 5-6 August provided me an opportunity to add 2000 shares for each counter at $2.01, $2.22 and $1.66 respectively.

I have also applied for 2000 shares for Capitaland Retail China Trust preferential offering. Hopefully, I can get all of them.

I initiated a small position of SATS by buying 1000 shares at $4.71. While the counter might face headwind in near term, it should recover in time to come and should be able to continue to pay out good dividend.

Growth counters

HRnetGroup has been coming under pressure after it announced a weak Q2 results. It also recently acquired 25.0% in Staffline Group, a recruitment group in UK and Ireland. The market either did not like the latest results or the acquisition or maybe both, and its price has dropped more than 10% since it released Q2 results.

With the price drop, the dividend yield becomes much more interesting. If it maintains its dividend at $0.028, then at current price of $0.58, the yield would be quite nice at 4.8%. If it drops its dividend to 2017 level of $0.023, the yield would still look good at 4%.

I am not overly concern about the current weakness as it is definitely still growing in its North Asia market which should overtake its Singapore market in another year or two. As such I decided to add some today at $0.58 which bring my average price to about $0.73.

US Market

Added Walt Disney at U$139, bringing my average price to US$114. With the completion of 21st Century Fox deal, it will be going through some short term transition pains as seen in the drop in its net profit in the latest quarter’s result. I believe Bob Iger would be successful in seeing this transition and bring Disney to a greater height before he leaves.

Added Arista Networks at US$223, bringing my average price to US$258. It reported a good quarter with revenue up 17% and non-GAAP net income jumped 28%. Yet its price dropped by more than 10% after CFO shared a weaker outlook for second half.  Taking this opportunity to add on a bit more as I still believe in its long term prospect.

Added Ulta Beauty at US$330, bringing my average price to US$252. Very much more expensive than when I first purchased it on March 2018 but the company has been doing very well since then. In the last quarter, it announced that it will be going into Canada market and if that goes well, it might path the way for its future growth.

Another good quarter of top line growth but a slightly smaller profit for Texas Roadhouse. The numbers are good enough for me and I think the company will continue to grow and increase its dividend in years to come. So added more at US$52.20, bringing my average price to US$57.14.

Vail Resorts looks like it has turned the corner with the good results from its latest quarter. So decided to add at US$238, bringing my price to US$224.

Align Technology’s price plunged from US$275 to US$206 (-25%) on 25 July after announcing an amazing Q2 performance (revenue and EPS up by 22% and 40% respectively) but gave a weaker outlook for Q3. The price has further weakened and with a more palatable price of US$188, I decided to take a small bite.