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Towards the end of August, I decided to sell my entire stake of ISEC after it announced pre-conditional mandatory cash offer by Aier Wye for some of the key holders’ stake at $0.36. Will the offer price go higher? Maybe, but I decided not to wait and sold my entire stake at $0.35, taking a profit of about 30%.

Hong Leong Finance trended lower towards the end of August after it went XD. So I decided to add a bit more at $2.58, bringing my average price to $2.67. Using the past 5 years average dividend of 11.6 cents, that will give me a cost yield of 4.3% but if it decides to maintain last year’s dividend of 15 cents, then I will get a yield of 5.6%.

Added more SATS at $4.87, bringing my average price to $4.82 which gives me a dividend yield of 3.9% if it maintains its dividend for the year.

With the price plunging more than 30% after Ulta announced its Q2 results, I decided to take this opportunity to accumulate. Added another 20 shares at US$236, bringing my average price to US$247. This purchase also pushes my position size to 4.6%, so it now becomes part of the core holdings. As mentioned in earlier post, I still believe in its long term growth story, so I see current weakness in price as an opportunity.

With little cash left, this should be it for the month.