In the process of resetting the investment portfolio, I have decided to reposition the cash in shared account and my spouse’s investment. From next year onwards, I will exclude shared account’s cash as my current asset and consider the cash from my spouse and kids for investment as an interest bearing loan.

With the above consideration, I needed to reduce my portfolio size so that it stays closer to 70%-30% ratio. As such, I trimmed the following top holdings on Monday.

  • Frasers Centrepoint Trust at $2.37 for a 29.5% gain
  • Mapletree Industrial Trust at $2.59 for a 24.0% gain
  • Parkwaylife REIT at $3.26 for a 39.9% gain
  • Valuetronics at $0.645 for a 7.8% gain
  • Vicom at $7.72 for a 25.4% gain

The above gain excluded dividend and all the 5 counters remain in my core holdings after the sales.