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Fine tuning the Dividend Machine

Decided to trim my REITs holdings further by selling off my preferential offers for Mapletree Commercial Trust and Keppel DC REIT at $2.34 (+5.4%) and $2.02 (+17.7%) respectively for a 1k profit. The fund received is used to add on to my following holdings which provides similar or higher yield than the above REITs.

CapitaLand Retail China Trust at $1.59, providing a 6.2% yield. Based on track record, believe that the management can continue to do a good job so should be able to maintain or increase the DPU.

Hong Leong Finance at $2.64, providing a 5.7% yield if it maintains its 15 cents dividend. HLF has consistently pay dividend but it had been in the range of 10-12 cents until the recent two years. Assuming the average dividend for the next decade remains at 11.7 cents, current yield is still a creditable 4.4%.

SATS at $4.94, providing a yield of 3.8%. For the past 5 years, SATS has consistently increase its dividend by 1 cent yearly. While the company faced some headwind recently, it should continue to do well in the long term and so dividend should increase further in the future.

Taking profit on a punt

On 25 July, Align Technology’s share price plunged from US$275 to US$206. I bought some in August after the price softened further to US$188. Fast forward four months with a better results than its guidance, I decided to lock in the 2.2k profit (42%) since it was a punt. The price that I sold is coincidentally US$275! Will wait for opportunity to use the fund to add on to my current US counters.