Six weeks ago, I unveiled the team. Since then, I decided to include a conviction scale in my portfolio to guide me in sizing the initial positions of my holdings. I am just going to use 1 to 4 (%), so that I can remember the guide easily.

Any counter that I have in my portfolio should have at least a position size of 1%. A position size of less than 2% means I have a lower conviction of the counter which could be due to various reasons. On average, a normal conviction counter should take up 3% (average of 2 and 4) of the portfolio. Counters that I have high conviction will have a position size of at least 4%.

With that in place, I have made some adjustment to my line-up. Decided to have OCBC to replace Booking in the first eleven and push Starbucks to become forward. I have added a few more reserves and completed my first round recruitment for youth academy.

So here’s the team that will take on the market comes tomorrow! Hope they will do as well as the current Liverpool team!


Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 10.03.23 PM


Defenders: FCT (7.0%), MCT (4.4%)
Midfielders: Apple (2.3%), Raffles Medical (3.2%)
Forwards: Booking (2.6%), Illumina (2.4%)


Goalkeeper: CPF
Defenders: CRCT (3.7%), HL Finance (3.3%), KDC (2.6%), Venture (2.6%)
Midfielders: Straco (2.9%), Food Empire (2.8%), SATS (2.2%), VISA (1.5%), Vail Resorts (1.4%)
Forwards: HRnetGroup (2.7%), IFAST (2.1%), Intuitive Surgical (1.0%), Adobe (1.0%)

Youth Academy

Motley Fools Rising Stars 2020 (2.9%*)

*projected to double by end of 2020.