I am guided by the following when making a decision to sell a stock.

  • Fundamentals of the company has changed for worse
  • There are better opportunities
  • The price has run up too quickly in a short timing
  • Cash is needed for other purposes

With the volatile and uncertain markets, I decided to partially divest Raffles Medical ($0.99, -1.8%),  Frasers Centrepoint Trust ($3.01, +6.8%) and Keppel DC Reit ($2.50, +19.8%) to raise cash, in anticipation to buy more DBS, CRCT and maybe SAT in the coming weeks at around $23, $1.40, and $4.00.

With the plunge in the market this morning, I am able to buy more DBS and CRCT at a lower price.

Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 4.41.36 PM

I have also added more OCBC and ES3 with CPF account. Over the weekend, I was just contemplating my plan to buy ES3 with CPF in the next few weeks but it dropped faster than I have expected today, so I decided to add my first tranche.

Yes, the price is even cheaper now. Oh well, it might still drop further in the coming days, weeks and months. However, since I am in for the long term and am not quite done with my buying yet, I am not too affected.

Last check, portfolio is about 6% down. It will probably breach the 10% mark by tonight after the US Markets open. The original intention is to deploy the second 30% of my opportunity fund when that happens. However, seeing the pace of the drop, I might just hold my bullets a while longer or use less bullets when my portfolio drops by 10%.

After note: Portfolio is down 7.4% after US Markets closed. Probably due to a lower weighting, the impact is less. So might still stick to original plan.