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A relatively quiet month as compared to the last. With the small rally for the month, the portfolio is definitely less red. And that means the last bullet is still in the cartilage.

In my last post dated March 20, I wrote

“wanted to buy a bit more Intuitive Surgical, Ulta Beauty, Starbucks and VISA last night but the price rebounded quite a bit before I went to sleep, so I decided to wait for a while. There will be probably opportunities to buy them cheaper within the next two weeks.”

That never happened. Again it shows how bad I am in timing the market. Would have earned some pocket money over the past month if I had just gone ahead to buy. So at the time of this writing, I have deployed about 65% of my opportunity fund and am in no hurry to deploy the remaining 35%.

Still, I did manage to do some buying by switching out from two previous holdings.

Singapore Market

Having added quite a bit of DBS (avg. $21.4) over the past month, I decided to divest Hong Leong Finance at $2.25 (-16%) to raise cash for the following buys.

Added more IFAST at $0.895 (avg. $1.00) just after it announced an amazing Q1 results. I had intended to buy around $0.86 with the fund raised from the above divestment. However, its release of its Q1 results on 23 April’s morning caught me by surprise. And I scrambled to put in my order when I saw its record quarter’s revenue and net profit. Guess, I am fortunate to just pay another $0.04 more for my purchase.

Earlier in March, I have sold some Raffles Medical shares at $0.99. With my recycled fund and its cheaper price, I bought back my selling and added even more at $0.87 (avg. $0.96).

I also bought a bit more AReit at $2.78 (avg. $2.96). Its latest quarter’s business update looks good and while the next quarter should be worse, it should recover pretty fast when the crisis is over.

US Market

From the proceed of selling SPY last month, I finally bought a bit more VISA at US$165, bring my average price to US$186. 

Other Markets

It has been more than a decade since I last touched unit trust. Believing in the eventual  recovery of the world market, I decided to take this opportunity to plant some seeds. While I would love to just buy ETFs, these are not available for CPFIS. After doing some simple homework and reading through the advisory from FSMOne, I bought the following funds.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 12.08.40 AM

As seen from the position size, I am weighing more towards Greater China and Asia. I do think this region will continue to grow after this crisis. Similar to my purchase of ES3, I can add another round or two to double my holdings if there is another major correction in the coming months.