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With the slight recovery in April, I decided to sell a few counters to refine my portfolio.

SG Market

I sold the Valuetronics shares that was bought during February and March at $0.63, booking a small profit of 5.7%. After I sold, the price continued to rise to $0.69! Sheesh, if somehow I decided to sell one week later, I would have earned a few hundred bucks more. Nevertheless, the rest of my stakes in my portfolio benefitted from the price increase.

I realized my heftiest loss this year with the selling of SATS at $2.66 (-46%). The consolation is due to diversification, this causes only a -1.3% drop in my portfolio. Nonetheless, this is a mistake. Not for buying but for not selling it earlier when it is clear that its fundamental has weakened significantly for the coming two years. Selling it when the price was plunging might turn out to be another error but I decided that the chance of recovering the loss is higher if I redeploy the cash elsewhere than continuing holding on to it.

Sold VICOM at $8.11 (4.5%) before XD due to uncertainties of its coming year’s dividend with the impact of COVID-19 and limited upside even after things go back to normal. 4.5% profit does not seem to be worth it to take profit but that was based on 31 Dec 2019’s price of $7.73 when I reset my portfolio. However, if it was based on my average purchased price of $6.11, then that’s a 30% gain and I am happy with that.

US Market

On the US front, I divested Vial Resorts fully at US$171 (-25%). Excluding MFRS2020 and mini SaaS funds, this has been my smallest holding in my portfolio. The year ahead would be tough for the group and hence decided to recycle the cash for other possible buys in the coming months.

I have also divested the small stake of DIS bought in March at US$114, booking a profit of 18%. Will hold on to the remaining shares.


With the selling, cash level increased to 21%, with only 7% that can be deployed if there is another carnage in the coming months. If CPF-O is included in the computation, cash and CPF-O is at about 29%; out of which 15% can be deployed.