“As it turns out, if you know why you bought a stock in the first place, you’ll automatically have a better idea of when to say good-bye to it.”

– Peter Lynch, One Up On Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market

1200px-Circle-question.svgI was grateful to be reminded of the above from a post in InvestingNote – “When do sell a stock?”. In the current volatile market caused by the numerous uncertainties, I decided to write a brief to remind myself of the reason why I buy each counter. These I hope will help me to make a better decision when I deliberate on buying and selling.

So here we I go with my income counters. In my next post, I will share on my growth counters.

Counter Position Reason for buying First bought Avg Price*
DBS 7.1% A leading bank and am impressed by clarity of CEO’s thoughts when i viewed the latest AGM. Consistent/ growing dividend supported by growth. Feb 2020 $21.28
Parkwaylife REIT 6.6% Healthcare would continue to be a necessity in years to come. Good properties and first mover for Japan nursing homes. Stable and increasing dividend. Sep 2015 $2.41
Micro-Mechanics 5.6% Riding on the rise in use of technology in the coming years with diversified customers. Shareholder friendly with increasing dividend. Oct 2019 $1.82
Mapletree Industrial Trust 5.2% Continued transformation to hi-tech buildings and increasing percentage of portfolio in data centres which are necessity for many years. Jan 2018 $2.03
OCBC 4.9% Growing wealth management presence with an insurance arm. Sustainable dividend. Oct 2018 $10.02
Frasers Centrepoint Trust 4.6% Own good and large neighbourhood retail malls Causeway Point, North Point, Waterway Point. Stable dividend. Jun 2016 $2.09
Mapletree Commercial Trust 4.6% Good location for properties at Harbour Front and should benefit from its development in the coming decade. Aug 2017 $1.84
Venture 4.4% Among the largest 15 electronic manufacturing services company in the world. Good profit margin with diversified customers. Stable/growing dividend. Nov 2019 $15.76
Ascendas REIT 4.0% Industry leader with diversified portfolio. Stable dividend. Jan 2020 $2.95
Capitaland China Retail Trust 3.6% Early mover in China Retail Reit. Capable management that has enhanced assets’ values. Feb 2019 $1.42
Keppel DC REIT 2.0% Data centre is a necessity in the years to come. Stable/growing dividend. Apr 2019 $1.58
HRnetGroup 1.6% Cash rich with growth potential that should allow it to sustain its dividend. Oct 2018 $0.72
IREIT Global 1.2% European REIT that seems to be doing alright over the past few years. So should be able to sustain its dividend. Jun 2020 $0.76
UMS 1.2% Riding on the rise in use of technology in the coming years. Successfully turnaround JEP. Consistent with paying out dividend. Jun 2020 $0.94

*This differs from my new portfolio’s price which is based on 31 Dec 2019 closing