Here is my brief for why I bought the following growth counters of my portfolio. Click here to read why I buy my income counters.


Counter Position Reason for buying First bought Avg. Price*
Raffles Medical Group 3.5% Expansion of Raffles Hospital locally and China. Cash generating despite expansion. May 2016 $1.15
iFAST 3.3% An all-in-one financial services. Increasing recurring revenue. Good track record of executing its plan. Big potential China market. Sep 2017 $0.93
Food Empire 2.5% Established leader for instant coffee in Russia/Ukraine. Successful diversification to Vietnam and potential growth for ingredient segment. Mar 2018 $0.64
SaaS 4.9% A mini-fund of SaaS companies that have good growth potential in the coming decade. Feb 2020
MFRS2020 4.0% Micro-cap recommendations from Motley Fool. Most companies have market cap of less than US$5 bil. The service aims to double the portfolio in 5 years. Dec 2019
Arista Networks 4.0% Disruptor to CISCO and gaining market shares for network. Strong management team and will benefit from increasing usage of cloud services May 2018 $240.36
Intuitive Surgical 3.5% Leader in robotic surgery and should be able to continue to grow with huge market. Nov 2019 $536.63
Ulta Beauty 3.4% Reacted to disruption and developed omni-channel to grow its business. Strong CEO who should be able to continue to grow the company. Mar 2018 $247.18
Apple 2.9% Huge customer base for expansion of its services and wearable market, resulting in more recurring revenue. Dec 2018 $168.55
Starbucks 2.9% Global brand and fast expansion in China market. Collaboration with Nestle provides another source of revenue. Mar 2018 $66.71
VISA 2.5% Top payment services that have benefitted with the increasing cashless payment. Sep 2018 $157.38
The Walt Disney Company 2.3% Strong content creator that allows it to monetise in various ways. Disney+ should benefit it in the long term. Mar 2018 $117.98
Illumina 1.9% Leader in genetic sequencing and should continue to benefit from the increase in use of genetics in healthcare. Oct 2019 $309.33
Adobe 1.8% Transformation into subscription services of its popular software has increased its recurring revenue. Reaches out to a larger market with a lower pricing. Nov 2019 $324.04

*This differs from my new portfolio’s price which is based on 31 Dec 2019 closing.