Since 2017, I have decided to report on my portfolio’s performance quarterly rather than monthly. However, I am going to make an exception this month to celebrate my portfolio’s first positive return for 2020! While there were a few occasions last month when it was positive, July is the first month in the year where it remains green at the end of the month.

Yes, it’s a mere 1.6% return but to get that during a pandemic year is an achievement for me. Beats ES3 hands down and trails SPY’s return slightly. Breaking down to the individual markets, each sub portfolios are also ahead of the benchmark!

Top and Bottom 6 Counters

Shopify (1.4%) +83.2%
IFAST (4.7%) +80.4%
SaaS mini-fund (3.2%) +55.5%
Apple (3.2%) +47.9%
Keppel DC Reit (2.2%) +44.2%
MF micro-cap fund (4.0%) +35.0%

CapitaRetail China Trust (3.6%) -16.0%
OCBC (4.1%) -16.2%
Food Empire (2.1%) -16.9%
HRnetGroup (1.4%) -18.7%
Mapletree Commercial Trust (4.3%) -19.1%
Ulta (2.6%) -22.3%

As seen above, some solid performance by the US tech stocks, especially the SaaS counters. Super expensive but they have grown their revenue at an amazing rate during this crisis. The growth might not be sustainable in the short term but long term, they will benefit from this accelerated transformation. Also as expected the retail bears the brunt during this pandemic as sales plummeted with the various measures. But there are positive signs that things are recovering.

It’s still a long way to go before the end of this crisis and portfolio might still turn negative by end of the year. Nonetheless, let’s just cheer to the positive for the moment and give my ego a tiny little boost.