Cash Inflow

With the buoyant market in October, I hit my annual stretched goal of least 12% recently. I do not know what it will be like by the end of the year but I decided to take some money off my portfolio.

Correct as on 17 Oct *From Bloomberg **Computed in SGD

The sell transactions do not represent my lack of confidence of the counters but are mere trimming of my holdings and I stay vested with all of them. In total, make a net gain of about 4.6 k.

DBS @ $21.20 for a 1% loss
Food Empire @ $0.59 for a 10% loss
HRnetGroup @ $0.46 for a 28% loss
IFAST @ $2.92 for a 191% gain
Raffles Medical Group @ $0.805 for a15% loss
UMS @ $1.02 for a 1% gain
Venture @ $20.83 for a 29% gain
Apple @ US$119.64 for a 64% gain

Cash Outflow

I have initially wanted to subscribe 4000 shares of FrasersCentrepoint Trust PO @ $2.34. However, given that next Tuesday’s price is both more than and less than $2.34 now, I decided to just pick up 2000 shares today. Comes Tuesday, when the box is opened, will enjoy the ride if it is more than $2.34. On the other hand, if it is less than that, I can pick up the other 2000 shares.

Cash-Stock Allocation

Cash (including emergency fund) inches to 22%. On the low side when compared to the adjusted strategy of having 25% cash at any one time. However since I am feeling pretty comfortable with my current cash level, I will just keep to it for the moment.