Volatility in the market, the US President Election, and having a bit more time now, I took more actions for the month (unnecessarily?). The earlier transactions for the month can be found here.

Shopping at Pa Sat

At the local front, I decided to divest Food Empire and HRnetGroup fully after Food Empire reported a weaker Q3 results. I still think it is a good company but with better opportunities in the US, it’s time to let it go. Sold at about $0.575 and took a 11% loss. Similar thinking for HRnetGroup and I sold it for $0.475 for a 24% loss. With these sells, I am left with iFAST and Raffles Medical as growth counters for my Singapore portfolio.

I added more Keppel DC Reit at $2.77 after it plummeted with the news of vaccines from Pfizer. I was puzzled by the link but wasn’t bother too much by it and just took the opportunity. To fund this purchase, I sold 20% of my CapitaRetail China Trust holding at $1.25.

With a bit more fund in CPF, I added a bit more SGX at $9.08, bringing my average price to $8.37.

Shopping at Amazon Prime

With the intention of investing more in my two mini-funds, I divested both Adobe and VISA fully at US$459 and US$212 respectively. Made a gain of 25% for Adobe and 12% for VISA.

After setting aside the fund required for the additional investment, I used the remaining cash to add more Microsoft and initiate small positions in MercadoLibre at US$1288 and Tractor Supply at US$133. Given the extend of its e-commerce in South America, MELI is a counter that I should have bought way earlier. However, I do not foresee it taking up a big position in my portfolio unless it self propels itself in that direction with growth.

As for TSCO, it’s my second time buying it. The last time I had it was in 2017 which I held for a year before selling for a 16% gain. If I had not let go, it would have given me a return of 150% in 3 years! Tractor Supply continues to surprise with its continuous growth despite e-commerce. In the latest quarter, it announced record growth of revenue by 31% and diluted EPS by 58%. In the same press release, it also shared its target of next 5 years. TSCO aims to grow its sales by 6-7% and EPS by 8-10%. The numbers do not look particular exciting but it’s a stalwart and I need to have a few of them in my portfolio.