But it’s harder not to.

Buying a counter is easy but selling it is hard when there is not much change in its fundamental. However, with my US portfolio hitting a high of 42%, I decided that to use this opportunity to rebalance my cash/equities and SG/US ratios. Unlike previous years, my active income barely covers my expenses this year. So taking money off a heated market to provide a boost to my cash balance make sense to me.

On average, I trimmed about 20% off Apple, Arista Networks, Shopify, SaaS mini fund and US micro-cap fund. The table below shows the details.

CounterAverage PriceSold Price% Return% Sold
Arista Networks$203.40$289.0841%27%
Alteryx (SaaS)$125.62$131.664%100%
Crowdstrike (SaaS)$117.14$220.2585%20%
Paycom (SaaS)$277.14$467.0067%100%
Teledoc (SaaS)$141.60$204.0042%100%
The Trade Desk (SaaS)$287.36$940.08224%25%
Twilio (SaaS)$134.29$360.01165%20%

Alteryx, Paycom and Teledoc have the smallest positions in my mini fund, hence I divested them completely. For my US micro-cap fund, I divested completely the lowest conviction counters from the latest report by Motely Fools. I also divested a few under the normal conviction. The service has recommended holding on to all of them. However, given my limited fund, I decided to hold on to the higher conviction counters only.

With this exercise, cash holding increased from 20% to 24% and SG holdings increased from 65% to 68%.