Two weeks into the year and I hit my annual target of at least 8% return! The rally might sustain but could also reverse along the year. I am not going to second guess its movement but will adjust my portfolio with shares making up 70-80% of my current asset. Currently it stands at about 77%, so if market continues to rally, I probably need to make the adjustment by the end of the quarter.


CounterPercentage Gain
Lumen Technologies17%
Jardine C&C16%

There are some familiar faces among the front runners. IFast, Micro-mechanics and MFRS2020 were last year’s top six and they continue their good run. As for the other three, all were bought in December last year. I wrote about AEM in this post, Jardine Cycle & Carriage idea came from Dr Wealth and Lumen Technologies idea came from and InvestingNote:ThumbTackInvestor. The last two are small punts which moved faster than I have expected.

Hope you have a good start to the year too!