Making a few substitutions as we approach the end of Q1. The image on the left is the latest team, while the one on the right shows the team in January.

I quite like the recent results from Arista Networks, so am letting him in for a run. I am also sensing some potential from AEM in the next few quarters, so am bringing him to the bench. Finally, bringing two new defenders to the bench as I might deploy a more defensive formation in the later part of the year.

There are a couple of new faces in the reserves with Paypal and Zynga coming from the disbanded 5G mini-fund. I also initiated tiny positions in Mapletree Logistics Trust, Sea Limited and Teladoc over the past week.

ReservesYouth Team
(D) MCT (4.8%)SaaS mini-fund (3.6%)
(D) KDC (2.5%)TEAM
(D) UMS (2.3%)CRWD
(D) MLT (0.4%)DOCU
(M) RMG (2.1%)OKTA
(M) SBUX (1.8%)CRM
(M) TSCO (1.1%)NOW
(M) MSFT (1.0%)TTD
(F) ISRG (2.2%)TWLO
(F) NFLX (1.3%)VEEV
(F) MELI (1.1%)ZM
(F) PYPL (0.4%)
(F) ZNGA (0.3%)Motley Fools Rising Stars 2020 (5.0%)
(F) SE (0.2%)To be revealed by end of the year
(F) TDOC (0.2%)

With most of my cash intended for investment deployed, the bulk of the team should remain largely unchanged for the next quarter. The next adjustment will come from the youth team, in which I am going to exit some positions. The cash raised will be used to increase other positions in the youth team.