Funds and ETF

With the volatility over the past month, and both US and China tech stocks underperforming the larger market, I decided to activate a small part of my opportunity fund to make some purchases. I was tempted to initiate a position in Lion OCBC HS Tech ETF but decided against it as I already hold Aberdeen China Opportunities and Schroders Asian Growth funds.

Instead, I continue to add more to my existing six funds with my CPF. The table below shows the positions of the six funds, based on the invested amount after the latest injection.

Schroders Asian Growth Dis35.0%
Aberdeen Standard China Opportunities22.5%
Aberdeen European Opportunities12.5%
Lion Global Japan Growth Fund10.0%
First Sentier Bridge A Dis10.0%
Schroders Multi-Asset Revolution A Dis10.0%

Recently, I was also checking on the historical return of SPY and QQQ. I must say that I am very impressed by the return of QQQ. And given that I believe we are in the phase where technological advances are accelerating, I decided to initiate a small position in it.

This provides me with exposure to the largest technology companies such as AMZN, TSLA, FB, GOOG, NVDA, ADBE which are currently not in my portfolio.

Integrating SaaS mini-fund to the Main Portfolio

I decided to bring forward the plan to integrate my SaaS mini-fund to the main portfolio. After holding the fund for about one year, I have a better understanding of their business models. Also, with its about 100% growth last year (dropped to about 80% in recent time), most of the the individual holdings’ positions have grown larger (still tiny compared to the average). They will now compete on their own merit with the rest of counters in my portfolio for the limited resources that I have.

With the above integration, I am holding on to 41 counters in my main portfolio. There are another 16 counters in my Motley Fools Rising Stars 2020 micro-cap portfolio, which I will merge with the main portfolio at the end of the year. Despite the many counters, the top 10 holdings still account for the bulk of the overall value. Going forward, I will probably buy more QQQ and once it reached a sizeable amount, I am likely to reduce the allocation of the counters that are also in the index.

iFAST11.0%Frasers Centrepoint Trust4.6%
Micro-Mechanics7.3%Mapletree Industrial Trust4.4%
ParkwayLife Reit6.1%Ascendas Reit4.2%
Mapletree Commercial Trust4.9%Venture4.1%
OCBC Bank4.6%DBS4.0%

Purchases over the past two weeks

Besides purchasing QQQ and unit trusts, I also took the opportunity of the lower prices over the past two weeks to add these counters. They might continue to become cheaper in the near term but are likely to do well in 3 to 5 years time.