What a fortnight it has been. US technology counters were hammered and with Singapore entering Phase 2 Heightened Alert for Covid-19, the local counters were under pressure too.

As seen from the above image, my portfolio has lost almost half the gain over the past two weeks. As such, I decided to activate my opportunity fund. In the original plan, I made reference to my portfolio value at the end of last year. However, with the use of StocksCafe to track my portfolio, I am now changing the reference point to the portfolio’s high for the year.

Portfolio down byDeploy
more than 5%first 30%
more than 15%next 30% (60%)
more than 25%next 20% (80%)
more than 40%last 20% (100%)

The week before last, I have bought some US counters as written in this earlier post. Last Wednesday, I have added more of the following two counters, which I mentioned that I wanted add in my April Update. With this purchase, I have utilised my first 30% of my opportunity fund. The next round of deployment will come if my portfolio goes into negative territory.