Taking $ off the Table

With the strong portfolio performance, especially in the growth segment for the first half of the year, I decided to take some money off the table to balance income-growth and cash-equity allocation.

CounterSold Price% P/L
Ulta Beauty$330+30%
Fastly $52.9+58%
Service Now$562+16%

This is the third time this year that I am trimming my holdings of SBUX and ULTA. All sales are in profit with gain ranging from 20% to 35%. With these latest transactions, I am left with 45% of SBUX and 35% fo ULTA and both remain in the Silver Tier. I still like both businesses which have been resilient during the pandemic. However, I think their current prices are high as compared to their growth prospect. ULTA is near its 2019 high and SBUX is at all time high when their business has not fully recovered back to 2019 level yet. I am very likely to keep my remaining stake for the rest of the year.

As I begin to consolidate my small holdings, I decided that for the moment I am less interested with FSLY, GLOB, CRM and NOW as compared to the rest. Hence, I have fully divested them. Finally, I trimmed 10% off iFAST, APPL and SHOP. Not an easy decision for me as they are my favourite companies. The only thing that makes it easier to sell is that they are hitting new high recently and remain as my top three growth counters even after selling.

Beyond Selling

While most transactions were sales for the month, I also took a small position in ABNB and PINS. ABNB looks poised for a strong recovery and I am sufficiently pique to learn more about PINS. With the recent increase in price, ISRG and UMS join the recently promoted ANET in Gold Tier. Going forward, I might continue to trim my portfolio if market continues to stay buoyant. One the other hand, I am also on the look out to deploy some of the sales proceed to new or current income counters.