Basically, I just utilised the cash that is left in the portfolio. While the counters bought are 4 income and 4 growth, the absolute amount skews towards income.

I continue my addition of Mapletree Industrial Trust and Parkwaylife, bringing my average price to $2.26 and $2.83 respectively. Short term, this will be my last purchase and hopefully they can continue to grow steadily for the next few years.

As for Sheng Siong and The Hour Glass, I am just dipping my foot into the water. Based on minimal effort in reading up about them. It’s my view that they should be able to at least maintain their dividend going forward. With a stake in them now, I definitely will up my effort.

On the growth end, I added a bit more Fiverr last night after its price plummeted by 20% (25% by end of session) as they guided a more muted growth for second half of the year. The purchase brings my average price to US$103. I am confident of its long term potential and looking forward for it to become a multi-baggers in the next 3 to 5 years.

I also added more I and U which I picked up from my tiny adventure. Fairly sure that both counters will continue to stay in my portfolio at the end of my small adventure. Finally, I came across Peleton and am fairly intrigued by its business, so decided to take a small bit at US$120.

With these recent adjustments, equities-cash ratio is now back at 80:20 and income-growth ratio is at 55:45.

So what did I sell?

I did not sell any counter but decided to sell my Aberdeen China Opportunities unit trust. Yes, I am spooked by the uncertainty and since I do not hold any of the counters directly, I do not have high conviction. Luckily for me, I still made a profit of 10.8% from my investment after having it slightly more than a year.