When I buy a new counter, especially for growth, I typically start with a small stake and build on it in months or years. This allows me to get more familiar with the companies, typically through their quarterly reports. By doing this, It also provides me with opportunity to add more when the price plummets due not to the change in fundamentals but because management misses the analysts’ expectation slightly. It can either be of the current quarter’s result or the forecast of its upcoming quarter. Last week, I added more Fiverr precisely for that, and this week, I added more Zynga and Pinterest.

Besides the above, I have also added more Appian, Teladoc and Twilio as I like their latest results and like how they plan to continue to grow. Finally, I have initiated two new positions in DigitalOcean and SolarEdge as they have interested me sufficiently to take a small positions.

With these recent actions, I have now 33 US counters in the Unknown Tier. The table below summarizes the profile of this group of counters.

Market CapUS$0.57B to US$160BUS$34BUS$24B
Invested Amount$0.7k to $4.4k$2.8k$2.9k
Current Amount$1.6k to $7.7k$3.9k$3.6k

Scanning through the list, I believe I am able to hold on to about 70%-80% of them for the next 3 to 5 years. And hopefully some of these can become multi-baggers* during this period of time.

*FLGT is already a 7-bagger and CRSP, TTD and ZS are 2-baggers.