What was meant to be a 6-month adventure was cut short by me after 2.5 months. Key reasons are that I have the cash flow to pay the debt and the objective of the adventure was met. One of the reasons to take up the small loan was to buy 8 counters that I was interested in. After spending some time with them and reading through some of their latest quarters’ results, I decided to sell 3 of them and infuse the other 5 into my portfolio.

I have sold B, L and Ozon, and kept the rest. Still not going to reveal their names in this series of posts but some of you have guess correctly what they are. And their names should appear in my future posts as I do aim to keep them for a while.

Finally, the bonus from this adventure is the total gain is more than 7x the interest I have paid for the short loan. Small money but still something to be happy about.